Steel Pipe for Production of Casing Pipe


Casing Pipe

Valiant Steel manufactures casing pipe to carry utility lines, water mains, etc. We roll and weld carbon steel pipe from steel plates to required thickness. Our steel pipe ensures that the casing pipe you use in construction is manufactured to highest possible quality for your utility installations. At Valiant Steel, we have over three decades of experience in supplying high quality casing pipe, which ensures your reputation as a quality utilities construction contractor. Contact Valiant Steel to see how we can help you. We provide casing pipe for a range of uses, including: Casing pipe to house telephone lines To carry water mains Electric cables casing pipe. We stock casing pipe in a wide range of sizes from the smallest to the largest. Various thicknesses are also available up to 2" for standard order or custom fabrication with our in-house fabrication service. Your orders can be cut or welded to any length up to 60'. To view our online inventory, please click here. As corrosion control is paramount in underground steel pipe installations, we specialize in coating steel pipe to our customers' exact specifications. Contact us or request a quote and let us know how we can meet your specific needs.